Description: Industrial Inventory Cataloger. Full Time (40 hours/week). Hourly

Reports To : Warehouse & Pre Selling Supervisor

Industrial Inventory Cataloger Job Purpose:  The focus of this position is to take sellable industrial material and properly input, describe, price and display information into S&S Database for the purposes of selling the material online.

Industrial Inventory Cataloger Duties:


  • Sort/organize incoming material
  • Enter incoming material into the database accurately and efficiently
  • Properly tag items for shelving and storage in warehouse
  • Determine pricing for inventoried material
  • Take pictures of items and import into S&S Database
  • Shelve material according to instructions and type of material
  • Work with management to improve processes
  • Perform Repricing and fixing of older listings as directed by supervisor


  • Backup Shipping department as needed


  • Quality check items for shipment
  • Any other duties as directed by supervisor.

Physical Requirements:

  • The ability to lift up to 30 pounds regularly
    • In backup shipping role this can be 50 or more pounds regularly
  • The ability to safely climb stair ladders while carrying up to 30 pounds for placing and pulling inventory on shelves

High School Diploma, Exceptional written and verbal Skills, Basic Computer and Microsoft Office Skills.

Starting pay: $13-15/hour

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